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Seth Andrews is a broadcaster, storyteller, author, activist, and public speaker best known as host of the popular website, podcast, and online community, The Thinking Atheist.
Originally the product of Christian fundamentalism, today Seth is an advocate, not for religion, but for people, and while he - as a storyteller - loves the distraction of supernatural fiction, he ultimately encourages everyone to root their pursuit of the truth in reason and evidence, and to pursue a Personal Relationship With Reality.
Seth lives in Oklahoma with his wife Natalie and his unofficial mascots, Rat Dog, Henry, and Kat. He enjoys movies, sushi (no tentacles), tennis, referencing "Hitchhiker's Guide," casual gaming, 80s music, piano by ear, and constantly flipping his pillow to the cool side.
Note:  We are all mourning the passing of Rock Stars Rat Dog and Henry.
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Seth Andrews
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Annie Laurie Gaylor
with Dan Barker

Annie Laurie Gaylor, a third-generation freethinker, co-founded the Freedom From Religion Foundation with her mother Anne Gaylor as a college student in 1976. She served as editor of Freethought Today, FFRF’s newspaper, from 1985 to 2009. Her book, Woe to the Women: The Bible Tells Me So, first published by FFRF in 1981, is in its 4th printing. In 1988, FFRF published Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children, the first book documenting widespread sexual abuse by clergy. Her 1997 anthology, Women Without Superstition: 'No Gods, No Masters,’ is the first collection of the writings of historic and contemporary women freethinkers. A 1980 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Journalism School, she was an award-winning student reporter and recipient of the Ken Purdy scholarship. After graduation, she founded, edited and published the Feminist Connection, a monthly advocacy newspaper, from 1980-1985. She first joined the FFRF staff in 1985. She has been co-president since 2004. In the late 1970s, her student protest ended commencement prayers at the UW-Madison. She has been plaintiff in or overseen many state/church lawsuits and actions by FFRF. Dan and Annie Laurie have appeared on a variety of TV news shows, including “Oprah,” “O’Reilly,” “Good Morning America,” Univision, CNN and FOX news segments, CBS Evening News and ABC World News Tonight.

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An artist, an activist & an explicit story-teller, Shelley Segal uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see.

“Thoughtful lyrics celebrating life, love, and reason” –Julia Burke

Desirous of all expressions, Shelley flirts with elements of Folk, Pop and Americana imparting a pure joy about music & it’s power

Shelly Segal.jpg
Shelley Segal
Pale Blue
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Pale Blue

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Pale Blue has been playing  around since 2013 at  bars and open mics but prefer large  outdoor events  and festivals. Our roots are  playing  for events at  the  Secular  Hub  and all  the Denver Sunday Assembly shows at Swallow  Hill  and  the  old Crossroads Theater. In 2014 we played the  Colorado  Secular Conference comedy show and in 2016 we  were  the  opening act for Shelley Segal and Matt Dillahunty shows. We're excited to perform   at   CSC'19   with   new   members and all new material! 


Joe Hickman - CSC Emcee



Spotlight on Humanism

Gordon Gamm - Is Religion Necessary: What is the Alternative? Humanism!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of religion? What is the relationship of Humanism to religion and philosophy? How does the Darwin revolution effect our lives in ways besides biology? What is the relationship of Humanism to economics, comparative law, constitutional law, psychology, city planning, history, and general semantics? What is the relationship of Humanism to the Rotary 4 way test? What is the impact of religion vs Humanism upon our health and public policy decision making? 


This is an interactive presentation that will challenge your thinking about how we, as Humanists, view the world differently through our Humanist lenses without the influence of supernatural, invisible entities such as souls, spirts, devils, gods, heaven, hell, limbo, angels, invisible Jesus until he reassembles himself at some future time, invisible Mohamad who can not be visually represented.  What does fake facts mean to Humanists? What does it mean that truth is relative to the speaker and not objectively determined?

Jennifer and Tim Bailey - Humanist Celebrants

The Bailey's, who live in Denver, have carved out a part-time business as a husband and wife celebrant team, performing weddings and other services to the secular community.  

Maha Kamal - Colorado Humanist Legal Society

Maha is a lawyer who heads the newly formed Colorado Humanist Legal Society, a branch of the AHA's American Humanist Legal Society. They recently held an event with Colorado Supreme Court Justice Melissa Hart.  Maha was also involved with the recent Bladensburg Cross decision.  She will talk about that and goals of the legal society here in Colorado. 

Jerry Gilbert - Retired Psychologist and Lifelong Humanist

Jerry's talk is titled "Educating Ourselves & our Community about Secularism - The language, identity, & goals of secular groups."

Panel with Colorado Secular Leaders

Crystal Starkey - President, Pikes Peak Atheists and Pikes Peak Atheist Families, Colorado Springs.  Crystal is the featured Colorado Secular Leader and will give a special presentation.

Barbara Sannwald Board of Directors, the Secular Hub

Claudette StPerre - President, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Denver Chapter

Matthew Elisha President, Jefferson Humanists, Golden

Jesse Bond President, Humanists Doing Good, Grand Junction

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